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This is your ‘traditional’ recruitment service, when you have either a contract or permanent recruitment need. You instruct Constructive Moves to source you a candidate who fits your criteria for skills, expertise and experience. There are no upfront costs for you and a fee percentage of the first year’s remuneration or contract margin would be payable when Constructive Moves places a candidate with you.

Constructive Moves have placed numerous candidates through this easy and most cost-effective solution for all types of construction contractors and residential developers. Please speak to one our Constructive Moves Specialist Recruiters to discuss in more detail how we can help your construction business.


Exclusive roles are where Constructive Moves has the role exclusively, but we still only get paid on success. There are huge benefits in working this way over contingent recruitment. Namely that the Constructive Moves specialist recruiter will have more time to do the exercise properly and as a result you as the client get a better quality hire/candidate at the end of the process. Interestingly, Constructive Moves charge you no more than contingency recruitment but want complete exclusivity on the role from any other recruitment business for a set period of time, for us to deliver to you.

At Constructive Moves we report to a client (usually weekly) detailing exactly which companies are being considered. It also shows an overview of the stage of discussions with candidates so a client can see at a glance the work underway on their behalf. A transparent, and highly accountable partnership is thus created. Under GDPR we cannot send details of candidate names on our internal long list, but you will still be able to have confidence about the amount of relevant activity underway.


When you retain Constructive Moves on a retain assignment, you are entering into a business agreement with your preferred partner. Constructive Moves is an extension of your image and reputation, which is paramount to your success. Constructive Moves become your eyes and ears in the construction industry, and the first point of contact in acquiring the ideal construction professional for your Construction Business. At Constructive Moves, we safeguard your good name, protect your confidentiality and work diligently to honour our commitments every step of the way.

Interview processOur Approach

Our goal is to expedite the hiring process for you and ultimately help find you the best construction professional to match for your business aspirations. The executive search process includes three efficient and proven steps that allow us to get to know your needs as a client and ultimately find you the best available construction professional.

1st Stage Client Brief

We need to understanding the specific requirements of the role to allow us to develop a position profile. We need to work with you collaboratively to understand your company and competencies, working style and personality of your business.

2nd Candidate Search

We will undertake a holistic view of suitable professional qualified candidate through our networks and sourcing techniques to formulate a pool of high quality candidates for your retained assignment. From that a shortlist of suitable candidates will be submitted to client.

3rd Interview Process and Offer

The interviews will be managed by the Constructive Moves retained consultant and we work closely with client to manage the process. Through this stage, we guide and manage the interview progress through the different stages of interviews through to the offer and acceptance of the position. At all the different interview stages Constructive Moves will give both client and candidate a honest view of the process to make sure it has positive outcome for all parties.  


Construction freelance recruitmentClients using a Contract Service

Constructive Moves are able to other all clients the option of freelance or contract workers to aid or assist your business when the demand requires it due to skills shortage or peak in the project life cycle. Numerous Constructive Moves Clients enjoy the flexibility of using contractors and freelancers as they may only need certain skill sets for a specific project or period of time. All the contractors are fully referenced and all certificates checked for them to be employed safely within your business.

Candidate Contractor/Freelancer

As a contractor for Constructive Moves it means that you will be contracted to work for one our company for a fixed period of time and will be using your skills and experience to help our client complete a project or provide a service. You will be selling your skills and time and will usually be paid by the day or hour. Your contract may be with the client directly or more likely through Constructive Moves who will in turn contract with the end client. You will be paid weekly through Constructive Moves payroll system.