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It is important to be honest and give truthful feedback with both positive and negative comments.

Discuss what you liked and what you didn’t like. Concentrate on the positive but address the negative. Further discussions can lead to resolving any negative issues and turn them into positive.

Take on board all feedback from the company and again look at the positive and negative and always try to remedy the negative for future interviews and to improve yourself.

Take to time to consider what was discussed with people you trust or are important in your decision making process. No hasty decisions need to be made and it is always a very good idea to look at other options to give yourself the best idea of what is out there and what is the best opportunity for you to take.

When offered a job, verbally or in writing, it is important to think about your response before saying anything. You should never accept anything if you are not 100% committed and do not intend to actually take up the offer of employment, it is not very professional.

Find out if there is a time scale attached to the offer, if so how long do you have before responding. If you are seeing other companies or are waiting for other interviews and offers it may be better to be honest and give the company your own realistic response time.