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It is never easy handing your notice in, but is often unavoidable in order to move your career on and to take on new opportunities and challenges. Sometimes your employer may be reluctant to let you go and make things difficult for you to leave. Here are a few handy tips to consider when you are at at this stage of the recruitment process.

  • Be certain of what you want to say and why before you meet your line manager and remember the reasons you have already identified in searching for a new job and don’t forget them.
  • Find the right time to speak to your Line Manager/Director and often Friday at the end of the week is the best time.
  • Have a prepared resignation letter outlining the reasons behind your decision which you will give to your line manager.
  • Try to concentrate on the positives in the new opportunity and try not to concentrate on the negatives of the old. Most people will appreciate your reasons for seeking and making a move.
  • Agree a provisional last day that you can work to, depending on your notice period.
  • If things don’t go according to plan try to remain professional and conclude the meeting as soon as possible.

If you are a highly valued member of the team it is unlikely that the company will just let you go, they will try to make you stay. It is important to remember why you have found yourself in this situation and stick to your guns. Listen to what you current employers have to say but never forget they will try everything to make you stay if you are important to them, but staying is probably not the best thing for you to do and can sometimes be the easy option but not the right option.

If sudden promotions, pay rises or better working conditions are offered to you, you have to wonder how realistic these things are or are they just pie in the sky designed to make you think things will get better or improve. Although you may be getting £5,000 more it is considerably cheaper and easier for your company to keep you in their employment rather than spending time and money recruiting a replacement, so their motives will be entirely selfish.

Also remember that if these things are on offer now, why were they not offered to you sooner? Will they look to replace you as soon as it is convenient for them? By offering you more money now are they just buying your services for a further 6 months? 80% of people who accept a counter offer will start looking again after 6 months.

If you feel that you have heard something that genuinely makes you reconsider your position arrange some time to think things through allowing you to consider what has been offered and ascertain whether it is genuine. Discuss the situation with people you trust and can offer good advice.

Once you have made a final decision let all interested parties know as soon as possible as it is not fair to anyone to keep people hanging on.